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Friction and Wear Characteristics of TiC Surface Coatings in a Small Two-Stroke Utility Engine.
Ng KJ, Bahaaideen FB, Gitano-Briggs H, Ripin ZM
2008-32-0006 (SAE) / 20084706 (JSAE)
Performance Characterization of a Direct Injection LPG Fuelled Two-Stroke Motorcycle Engine.
Teoh YH, Gitano-Briggs H, Mustafa KF
2008-32-0045 (SAE) / 20084745 (JSAE)
Frictional analysis of a small two-stroke utility engine via tear-down testing.
Ripin ZM, Gitano-Briggs H, Adbullah MZ
LPG direct injection: an alternative fuel solution to the two-stroke emissions problem.
Gitano-Briggs H, Mustafa KF, Heng TY, Yew SC
Design and testing of a low cost peak-power tracking controller for a fixed blade 1.2 kVA wind turbine.
Gitano-Briggs H, Taib S, Khdeir M
IEEE 2007 (IEEE CPE 2007)
Design of a compression pressurized air blast direct injection system for small displacement two-stroke engines.
Gitano-Briggs H, Kirkpatrick A, Willson B
ASME 2003 (ICEF2003-758)
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Simulation of the airflow characteristics of a two-stroke natural gas engine with an articulated crank.
Adair J, Kirkpatrick A, Olsen DB, Gitano-Briggs H
ASME 2003 (ICES2003-552)
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Development of a compression pressurized direct fuel injection system for retrofit to two-stroke engines.
Gitano-Briggs H, Willson B
SAE 2001 (04SETC-89)
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