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My work is deliberately intertwined with my personal life. I’m not a workaholic, but I have found that my choice of work can enhance the rest of my life. By doing things I enjoy, and that I find important, the line between work and play becomes blurred, and work actually becomes… fun! I think it is all related with my outlook on life. Here is some non-traditional information which helps form the basis of who I am.

  • Personal filosophy — Keep it brief. Oh, and fonetasize the English language, starting with reverting leading PHs to Fs (as in Foto).
  • CV — my official CV (resume, 31 KB PDF)
  • Biography — my personal take on my career and things in general
  • 1minutestories — collection of short stories writen for round 2 of the 1minutestory project (PDF, 312 KB)
  • Commotion poetry samples — the other side of life
  • Fotos — selected fotos

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