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Bridging the gap between what you have and what you need.

Focus Applied Technologies is a university spin-off that was created to address the need for high-level engineering expertise which, in Malaysia, has grown faster than the number of individuals that have the education and working experience required to address these needs Using high-tech expertise, we can help close your engineering gap by supplying the missing expertise as enabling services, products and training.

Past Projects
Company:Omnilux Innovative Lighting Company
Location:Denver Colorado
Project:Development of production-ready prototypes of mechanically resonant scanning lamps
Comments:This project involves a great combination of dynamics and mechatronics! I particularly like the fact that were developing energy saving devices that can greatly enhance safety and visibility. Once you see the light flip into scan mode, you instantly see the light!
Status:Ongoing. Several prototypes have been developed, Production to start in April 2010
Links:Not yet online

Company:Envirofit Two-Stroke Motorcycle Direct Fuel Injection Retrofit Kit Manufacturer
Location:Fort Collins, Colorado and Manila, Philippians
Project:Motorcycle chassis dynamometer controller development. Fuel consumption and emissions test development. Comments: I love bikes, dynamometers, traveling to Manila, reducing emissions, and fuel consumption so this project is a great one to contribute to!
Status:Successfully commercialized in the Philippines. We are continung work with Envrofit on similar design for application in Sri Lanka.

Company:Waterpick Manufacturer of Vibrating Toothbrushes
Location:Fort Collins, Colorado
Project:Analysis of Vibrating Tooth Brush, and competitive analysis
Comments:We used a high-speed camera to see the dynamics of brush-bristle motion. It was an excellent use for the high-speed vision system, and quickly lead to design improvements.
Status:Completed 2002
Links:Interesting High-Speed Videos at www.engr.colostate.edu

CV (resume)

Download my CV (resume, 54 KB PDF).

Application for consulting help

I take jobs from a lot of different areas, and Im always willing to get into something new.

Most of the consulting projects I get involved with occupy me about half time (during which youll get a normal 8 hours of productivity per day!) and last from a few days to a few years. The information on this page should provide you with an idea of the sort of things Ive worked on in the past. If you have an interesting project, please send an email. Ill review the information you present, and get back to you.

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