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Updated April 2010


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Materials from the following recent presentations are available for downloading.

Recent presentations
October 2008 "How To Suceed as a Student" presentation 2.5 MB
July 2008 "Combustion Analysis" poster 140 KB
  "Diesel Engines" poster 216 KB
  "Direct Fuel Injection" poster 188 KB
  "Dynamometry" poster 202 KB
  "Four-Stroke Cycle Engines" poster 187 KB
  "Two-Stroke Cycle Engines" poster 203 KB
June 2008 "Dynamometry and Testing of Internal Combustion Engines" seminar 4 MB
May 2008 "Measurements" seminar 743 KB

My role at the university

Iíve been teaching Mechanical Engineering at the University Science Malaysia since June of 2006. The Engineering campus is located in Penang on the mainland near Parit Buntar.

For more information on USM Engineering try the following link: www1.eng.usm.my

As a professor I believe that student projects are a crucial part of the education process.

They help train the student on real-world problems using pertinent techniques, and teach him to work in a group and to a deadline. In the global economy of today, people often work in small groups and must coordinate their efforts with contributors from many different sites.

Here is a little information on some cooperative university projects, and an application for getting a university project started.

Why are international cooperative university projects important?

  • Globalization is pushing most industries to work on an international level.
  • The participants benefit from real-world situations.
  • Participants learn to specify and manufacture for remote production or use.
  • Participants improve language and communications.
  • Skill and techniques can be compared to a global standard.
  • It fosters engineer-to-engineer communications between participating groups.

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