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Applying Engineering to Life

"There are a lot of ways to improve life. I like to focus on applying appropriate technology to solve problems and improve efficiency."

— Professor Horizon Gitano

What do I do?

I am a proffessor at the University Science Malaysia and I love to work with students and industry on all sorts of crazy projects.

Yes, I could go blah blah blah at length (I am, of course, a proffessor), but that's probably what you need. So try any of the following links.

Link Description
University Educational material and downloads, including of resources for current USM students
Personal Photos, stories and other nonacademic items
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Contact Information for contacting me

In response to industrial demand, we have formed Focus Applied Technologies as a commercial spinoff of our university research. We provide various consulting services, offer a range of products and help you expand your experitise with workshops.

How do I do it?

Knowledge without application is, uh... well, useless! Use your brain to work smart, and accomplish more! Apply your talents to do something meaningful and of benefit to the world!

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