Bad Yogurt

Bri or Horz has a concerned look on his face, as he finishes eating something from a big yogurt container. He goes to the phone, and calls BRAD.

B "Hello." Camera pans to view Brad on other end of phone line.

H "Brad? How can you tell if you've eaten bad yogurt?"

B "Well, First you get this burning sensation in your stomach."

H looks at his stomach with growing concern, and rubs it.

B "Then you feel this presser growing from within, scratching like claws of a wild animal trying to get out."

Angular shapes start to poke out of H's stomach. He really looks concerned, and his body starts to undulate with convulsions.

B "It rips and tears at you, it tries to throw its self out of you. ". H flaps wildly. "Then a hooded mad man comes from behind and tries to kill you with an AX!"

H gets this scared look on his face, as the words sink in, and ducks, just in time to be missed by an ax which imbeds its self in a wooden wall. H ducks out and runs off screaming.

B "This doesn't happen very often, but yogurt's just not worth the risk." He waits for a response, and looks at the telephone oddly, and hangs up. In the background we see H being chased by the mad man.