Personal Empowerment

       Have 1/2 hour. In 1/2 hour nothing will change.
       Nothing will ever change until you change it.
       You will learn nothing from me.
       I can not teach you what you arenít willing to learn.
       Eg. Going to class =/ learning
       So everything I'm going to say does not matter.
       What you do does.

       Success/Failure is a matter of choice
                Yah, right! So I choose Success, but still a loser/poor
                Eg: Get Rich Quick class 80%/10%/2%
                It is not what you say, it is what you do!
       Failure/Success is in your hands alone!
                Eg: Hike Gunung Jerai. Who pushes, Who'll stop you?
       Past = 0 Where you come from and all past history does not matter
                Eg: MJ Poor rural black boy, now rich white urban woman
       Where your going that matters
                Eg: Bus. Do you ask where it has been, or where it's going?
       It is not what you got, it is what you do with what you got
                Eg: Tools. 1 has lots but does nothing 2 has knife and works
                Eg: Race, your current speed and direction donít = winner
       I Cant because... excuses. Don't lie to your self. Excuses = lie
       and lies are for losers.
                Eg: Urban black looser say because discrimination
                but the Koreans who are imports/no English/ succeed
       Fail if you want, but don't use an excuse: Poor/Discriminated/Language
                If you want to fail I'll give you an excuse:
                Your Indian and the Bumiputra get the breaks,
                The Chinese have the money,
                and you're drunk. (you chose that one!)
       How to succeed:
       Before you can attain youíre goal, you must know what it is!! Clearly!
       Take responsibility for your success! (excuses=didnít want it enough)
       Be honest with your self! You will have to make decisions!
                Eg: Date or work on car or study.
       Be Diligent! Actively work towards your goal! Motivate
                (eg: Engineers discuss for hours what takes minutes to do)
       Think critically! (Eg: why is it like this?)
       Use your brain or lose it! (eg: Ragen)
       Be creative (eg: bare in forest)
       Steel good ideas! (eg: Japs and VCR's)
       Be young (mentality/attitude) (Eg: Nasa)
       Learn! Ignorance is never the solution to any problem!
       Resolve to be the strongest at the most difficult times!
                Eg: Chain, Strong man who is drunk and can't save kids on bus
       Starting is usually the hardest part
                Eg: Momentum and energy and friction
       Must be strongest to start!
_               Eg: Starting classes
       If you are willing to put it off till tomorrow, you are probably
       willing to put up with not doing it at all.

                Eg: Path and destination. The path always starts underfoot.

       You have the advantage: (1) Youth, and
       (2) You are the pilot of your own life.
       Most others are merely passengers of theirs.
       You can take it and fly to where ever you want.
       YOU are the only one who can get you there!
       YOU are the only one who can stop you!!