A Cruel Story of the Hard life in the Jungle

It was a sunny day, full of promise. Mud dripped off the tires of the car as the four oppressively healthy men pulled their packs out of the boot with much banter and laughing. The four old friends were off for a day of hiking in the Malaysian jungles.

No sooner had they lost sight of the car when Kevin started to whine incessantly. "Are there leeches out here?" Horizon looked as if he could not take it any more. Parting the vegetation ahead of them with the machete he pointed down to a squirming mass of the brownish green leaches. "Check this out Kev!" He said pointing as he grinned maniacally. Kevin leaned over, staring wide eyed at the blood sucking headless worms as they wiggled in the air to get a sent, and inched their way over to him. "Gros..." Kevin's words were cut short as Horizon brought down the machete on his neck, almost severing his head. "You whine incessantly." He said shoving Kevin's fallen body into the mass of leaches. Excited by the smell of blood they raced over Kevin's moaning face, sticking to every inch of skin, and entering his mouth, nose and ears. "Agguraggh" Kevin said.

"That's cruel." Ken said. He stepped over and crushed Kevin's head with a large rock.

As soon as Josh finished removing the contents of Kevin's pockets they were on their way again. "Fucking bastard only had twenty bucks on him." They were all really starting to enjoy the day. The sun shown down intermittently through the tall trees, illuminating the foliage around them in a brilliant green glow.

Ken chatted on endlessly as though he was afraid of silence. "No Josh. You don't understand. Even people who aren't white have a right to live." It was another of their non-ending political discussions which were the source of so much entertainment.

"Bullshit! You fucking white New England pussy! What do you know about the right to live?! You ever have to fight for you're freedom? Huh?!" Josh said pushing ken to the ground. He looked as if something deep inside his tiny brain had finally snapped.

"Goddamn it! You don't have the right to force you're views of the world on others!"

"I'll show you my right! You bitch like a woman! I'll show you..." Josh said unzipping his trousers, pulling down Ken's thong undies and violently sodamizing him.

"Come on guys, we've only made 100 m. I wanna get to the top of the hill." Horizon said imploringly

"That's right, cry like a woman." Josh said to Ken.

"Man, Josh, you're such a pig fucker!" Horizon said with an air of disgust.

"What the hell you talking about BOY!" Josh demanded with an inhuman glare in his eyes.

"Ken's a pig!" Horizon said as they both laughed hysterically.

Ken was struggling to his feet. "Boy, that really gave me an appetite", Josh said pouring gasoline on Ken.

"Heay!" Ken struggled to his feet and tried to run away, but his thong undies were caught around his ankles, and he fell to the ground hard.

"Time for a pig roast!" Said Horizon as he tossed a lit cigarette on to his friends body, setting it on fire. Ken struggled and screamed for several minutes. The fire went out several times extinguished by Ken's rolling motion in the wet undergrowth. Josh pulled out another coke bottle full of gasoline, lit it and smashed it on Ken's head. The air soon began to fill with the warm smoke and an aroma that made the boys stomachs grumble in anticipation. After a short while parts were cooked medium rare, and Josh and Horizon feasted greedily, tearing parts of the still steaming flesh from their friend.

Eventually they got to their feet patting their distended bellies, Josh exuding a loud fart which caught fire and propelled him into a nearby tree. "Wow! That was good!"

A light wind rustled the trees over head, and several large black birds flew by. "What a beautiful day!" exclaimed Horizon as they continued along the jungle path.

"So, what's in the bag?" Josh asked Horizon, only just now realizing that he was carrying a bag full of human heads.

"Oh, it's a surprise..." said Horizon, pulling out several recently severed heads "Taaa Daaa! It's you're family! Surprise!"

"Horizon, you bastard! You have no idea how much I had invested in them! Now I'm going to have to kill you!" He quickly pulled the catch on his M-16 and emptied a clip into Horizon's belly, almost severing his body in two. "Hughhhaa..." was all Horizon could manage in his defense.

Unsatisfied with this Josh stuck several claymore mines in Horizons gaping abdominal cavity. Before he had a chance to get back and trigger them, Horizon made a last effort and with the fingers of his left hand set them one of them off, exploding him self, and blowing Josh's face off. Josh died slowly and agonizingly alone in the jungle realizing that all his friends had deserted him.

Local bandits vandalized the car, and all surviving relatives soon forgot that the four boys had ever existed.